When the cameras started rolling, this newswoman was all yawns YouTube/Funny Local News
YouTube/Funny Local News

According to her profile on NBC 5’s website, Renée Wunderlich is a graduate of Columbia University’s prestigious journalism school and has covered national political campaigns. However, that pedigree was useless when she was put in front of the camera without enough sleep.

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As the anchors at NBC 5 cut to Renée at South Burlington, Vermont, she was in the middle of a yawn. The cameraman alerted her, saying “Renée, you’re up,” but Wunderlich didn’t seem to be hearing anything in her earbud. After a moment, she disappeared from the camera and they cut back to the studio where the perplexed anchors were given the duty of reading the news.

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NBC 5 was reporting on the school budget at South Burlington High School where they have had a difficult time making ends meet and are currently on their third budget proposal. The school was looking at changing their mascot, the “Rebels”, but that plan seems to have been scrapped.

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