The inevitable has happened. Notorious YouTube prankster WolfieRaps has jumped on the internet’s mousetrap bandwagon — and we couldn’t be happier.

Wolfie decides to prank his roommate while he’s out of town by covering his bedroom in mousetraps. It’s an elaborate prank that requires a lot of time and patience — thankfully, Wolfie’s roommate was out of town for a few days, giving Wolfie plenty of time to execute his dastardly plan.

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Things don’t go according plan at first, and Wolfie has to get creative with his placement methods. He ends up having to stick the traps to the wall of the bedroom using Gorilla Glue, which completely ruins the paintwork, meaning that the scars from this prank remain long after the mousetraps have disappeared.

When Wolfie’s roommate arrives home to discover his entire bedroom has been vandalized, he seems more impressed than angry, and we don’t blame him!

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