Husband Records Long, Loud Fart as Wife Reacts in Horror


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

An extremely 21st Century American husband filmed himself farting while his wife sat next to him and watched with incredulous horror.

Farts are Funny

Make sure you unmute this video if you haven’t. It must be listened to. This husband’s fart video is wonderful. The sort of video we need right now, and that’s actually an evergreen sentence. We always need this sort of video. Every day. Forever. It’s seemingly nothing special. A guy farted real loud and his wife gave him a look of death. But, dammit, it gets an “lol” every time. Just a fantastic fart prank. Great flatulence content.

This Wife Might Want to Kill Her Husband

Actually, she might want to put on her Coronavirus face mask first because she just got blasted with a face full of poison. She might’ve actually preferred some hobo cough up some COVID on her to getting this cloud of poop aerosol from her husband. She got maced by a fart spray.

And, really, we should feel for this woman. This was a husband fart. Perhaps the most noxious human fart of all. God knows what kinds of rancid brew was bubbling in his stomach. He’d probably had some wings, pizza, and cheap beer within the last few days. There is certainly some coffee involved. Maybe his wife made him eat some healthy but gassy food. Or maybe she wanted to have a hip dinner and ordered some Indian or Thai food.

No matter how it happened, it’s almost certain that this guy’s stomach was weaponized and, for the entertainment of all of us, he (literally — actually literally) aimed that weapon straight at his wife and absolutely unloaded on her. Thank you, kind sir. And well done. You have quite an ass.

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