Wild Brawl in Grand Central Station Leads to Men Tumbling Down Escalators

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

What’s worse than fighting on stairs? How about fighting on stairs that move?

Actually, two guys on a New York City escalator in Grand Central Station didn’t seem to mind. They started duking it out halfway up the escalator, then ended up at the bottom, a video revealed. In the background were some yells and screeches and other sound effects that presumably came from humans.

Apparently, things … well, escalated … following a verbal dispute between two men. Only one of the men was arrested, according to the New York Police Department. That man is 37-years-old, the NYPD added.

Reports suggest that things got heated when one man was standing on the left side of the escalator, also known as the passing lane. The other man was trying to pass, but the man on the left wouldn’t budge. So the would-be passer decided to budge the man on the left himself.

Or punch him.

Again, they both ended up at the bottom.

Men Tumble Down Escalator During Fight in NYC

While the video undoubtedly reveals some people being upset by the incident, others seemingly just continued on about their day. Hey, that’s just how things occasionally go in New York City.

It’s especially how things have gone too often these days on the New York subway system, with crime there reportedly reaching all-time highs

Or as Fox News relayed, this fight occurred “as the New York City subway system notched a 25-year-high in murders in recent years. Since 2020, there have been 21 killings in the subway system, the New York Post reported last week. The figure is more than the 20 murders recorded between 2008 and 2019 combined, according to the data.”

So a fight on an escalator? In New York, that’s little more than two guys just proving they are definitely not on the way up.

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