Will Ferrell shaves Conan on live television with his renowned electric razor–“Excalibeard”

YouTube/Team Coco

Will Ferrell never ceases to surprise us when he shows up on late night shows. There was the time that he appeared on “The Late Show” dressed as an animal expert and the time that he was a ridiculous Santa Claus. He’s even challenged Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith to a drum off on “The Tonight Show.”

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On Monday night, Ferrell continued with his ridiculous antics when he appeared on Conan’s show. The newly bearded host seemed intent on keeping their interview on course but Ferrell finally erupted, exclaiming, “Would you shut the f**k up?! I’m going to shave that beard!”

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It seems that Ferrell had a fully stocked mobile barber shop waiting just behind the curtain and Conan was destined to be his first customer. Ferrell unveiled “Excalibeard,” the electric razor that “runs on pure righteousness.” After a horrifically bad shaving job, Ferrell declared, “my job is done.”

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