Things got so intense when Margot Robbie and Will Smith went head to head against each other in the “Insult Game.”

Robbie started things out strong by going after her “Suicide Squad” co-star’s ears, and when she said they were so big she could use them to connect to the Wi-Fi at her mom’s house in Australia, Smith seemed like he was going to go for the tried and true “yo mama” joke before hesitating.

“This is the problem, we know way too much about each other,” he laughed.

Smith stumbled his way through an insult involving Robbie’s pins and “Finding Dory” before cracking up. “I wanna talk about your mother so bad,” he admitted.

Robbie was relentless. “You are so old, I had to Google ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.'”

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Smith couldn’t control himself and went after Robbie’s mother.

“The only reason that you are saying that is because you know I slept with your mother,” he said.

“She didn’t even bother to call you back,” Robbie laughed. “She thought your nickname was ‘Big Willy,’ but . . .”

Robbie was totally on a roll, calling Smith a “less hot version of Obama” and screaming insults in his face after joking about his age.


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