The ‘Willy Exerciser’ Is One of the Best Gag Gifts for Men

Here at Rare, we love wacky novelty gifts. We’re always on the hunt for gag gifts that are perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just everyday fun. Every time we think we found the best one, Amazon proves us wrong. The ‘Willy Exerciser’ is in my top three!

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The Willy Exerciser is the perfect joke gift for your brother, uncle, dad, or husband. This hilarious little gadget is a tiny dumbbell that’s for their willies! Okay, not really, but it’s a harmless gift that’s perfect for poking fun at a loved one.

Diabolical gifts DP0007 Over The Hill Willy Exerciser

Diabolical gifts DP0007 Over The Hill Willy Exerciser


It’s too funny! Many women joke about kegel exercises, and I’m so glad there’s finally a funny gift for men that’s centered around the “love muscle.” The plastic miniature dumbbell is the perfect gift for your husband who is always playing pranks on you.

The willy workout will poke some fun at your significant other. They might see this and think that their pecker could use some toning up! If you buy this prank product, be sure to leave some funny customer reviews. One of the best parts about shopping for gag gift ideas is reading through them. Once you see a few knee-slapping stories about the recipients’ reactions, you know the gag gift is 100% worth it.

The packaging is even worth keeping! It says, “Don’t give up… hold it…and relax!” Anything for great pecks on your pecker, huh?

For more gag gift ideas, visit Amazon. As someone who calls themself the prankster of the family, I’m pretty committed to the toys & games section on Amazon. From fart spray, ‘creamed possum,’ and ‘dehydrated water,’ they have it all.

Christmas time will be here before you know it, so gather the best gag gifts in time for the holidays. These gifts are budget-friendly and make great stocking stuffers for siblings and coworkers.

This post was originally published on October 5, 2020.

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