The Wine Glass Challenge is Quarantined America’s New Favorite Activity


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

You’re stuck at home with your wife or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend or roommate or whomever while Coronavirus coughs the world to death. You’re bored out of your freakin’ mind. You’ve been drinking more than an Irish sailor who won the lottery, but even that is starting to get old, much to your surprise.

So what do you do? How do you pass the time? Sports are gone. At this point, you’ve binged almost every show you’ve wanted to watch across every streaming service. And exercise you can take or leave. Enter The Wine Glass Challenge.

Thankfully, because the challenge wasn’t invented by teenagers, you have to eat broken shards of a wine glass, put anything deep into your colon, or just generally cause yourself physical harm. The challenge is pretty simple. Put the bottom of the wine glass in your mouth, lean back carefully, and feed it to your partner.

The most popular video of the challenge (seen in the first embedded video) has come courtesy of Bridgette and Joe Miller of Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. The married couple seamlessly pulls off the feat without spilling a drop! And according to Bridgette, this is nothing new for them. While TikTok may claim to be the birthplace of this challenge Bridgette says she and her husband have been doing this trick for years.


Serious props must be given to the brave, fearless souls who try this challenge with a merlot or any other red wine. You people truly fear nothing. If you happen to have a partner who is an avowed neat freak — a Felix on meth, if you will — maybe try this challenge with water. Or, better yet, just to be safe, use sparkling water, so if you fail you’ll inadvertently get a different stain out of whatever carpet you spill on.

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