This Genius Woman Hacked Her Fridge to Dispense Wine Instead of Water

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Look at this hero, she is my new favorite person. Someone gives her a Nobel prize, a million dollars, and name her woman of the year. Introducing Clare Potts, a Manchester lifestyle blogger who decided to help Twitter out by posting a wine hack that you’ll want to try asap. She posted two side-by-side pictures showing how to make sure your wine is always cold. How exactly? Well, by storing it in the drink dispenser inside your fridge.

The post dates back to 2016, but obviously still applies today because wine is timeless, duh. So, basically, all you have to do is empty out the fridge door compartment that usually holds that terrible terrible water. Next, crack open your favorite bottle of wine, and just pour the whole thing into the compartment and get your wine glass. Voila, so easy, so smooth. Now you don’t have to spend those 5 minutes uncorking the bottle, rather you’ll just put your cup under the water dispenser and boom. You have a new stainless steel wine dispenser that will work 24/7.

A Genius in The Making!

If you think about it, this can be pretty useful for any drink, really. For example, you can put some iced coffee instead. That way before you leave the house you can just hold your cup to the water dispenser and quickly make your way out the door. Sure, you’ll have to clean it out every time it finishes since it might get sticky, but hey, it works. For those of us who enjoy a good glass of wine after work, it’s the perfect move.

Think of it as your personal wine on tap that you can fill up as many times as you want since you won’t have the bartender eyeing you after your third glass. Safe to say the internet went wild after she posted the pictures because it’s genius.

Clare did note that after she finished the bottle she cleaned it and switched it back to the water, because well, we aren’t trying to get crazy here. But hey, that’s a life hack that will definitely save some lives out there, for sure. Wine lovers, it’s time to step it up and follow this woman’s steps. I love social media.

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