This Redneck DIY Margarita Machine Is Borderline Genius YouTube via zphanes17
YouTube via zphanes17

It’s around this time of year when we start getting ready for summer again, daydreaming of sunny beaches and frozen margaritas. And especially after quarantining for over a year, whether you developed an alcohol problem from drinking so much at home or you’re anticipating a fun summer finally outside with all your friends, margaritas are most likely going to be in the picture.

So if you’re really wanting to optimize your margarita experience, then maybe just get a machine. But if you find yourself wanting to get a little creative, here’s a DIY idea for a redneck margarita machine to keep in your pocket for when party season rolls around every year.

What Makes a Redneck DIY Margarita Machine?

The guy in this video above is clearly not a real redneck (not that we can tell anyways), but he has taken the classic redneck use-what-you’ve-got-available ingenuity to craft a margarita machine out of a 10-gallon cooler and a 1.25-horsepower garbage disposal. He explains how everything works; however, you’ll have to use your own ingenuity to figure out how to put it all together.

I gotta hand it to him though, this idea is genius. Forget paying for that fancy margarita machine you were thinking of investing in as a way to bribe people into coming over, or the one you may already have while binge-shopping online during the coronavirus pandemic. And not that my opinion matters, but I won’t judge you if you this is how you decide you want to party. Hell, I’ll take a margarita any day, no matter how it’s made, as long it’s good.

And if you’re a true redneck, then you should feel honored by this video. But you already didn’t need me to tell you that.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on June 19, 2018.

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