Woman Arrested at Atlanta Airport for Spraying Police with Fire Extinguisher

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Atlanta airport traveler’s got quite a show when a Delta passenger sprayed a fire extinguisher in an Airport concourse when she was confronted about “attempting to open secure doors inside the concourse.” This according to a preliminary press release from Atlanta police department.

Jennifer Holder responded quite wildly when airport staff questioned her about not paying for chicken wings at the Buffalo Wild Wings location inside Hartsfield-Jackson International airport.

 Yes, all of this began because of chicken wings. Of course, it did.

In the wild video, Holder is seen arguing with employees appearing to claim that someone else paid for her meal. Eventually, she decides to pick up the fire extinguishers and spray the device inside the crowded airport. The clip shows travelers just trying to get away from her and the cloud of chemicals that she decided to spray from the extinguisher. Because well, she probably didn’t think this through.

Ohio Woman Sprays Police

Holder then walked through the D9 and D7 Gates wielding an extinguisher around and spraying it at airport security before she attempted to open “secured doors.”

“Officers attempted to make contact with the female, but she was non-compliant and sprayed officers with the fire extinguisher,” a police report stated. “Despite being assaulted, officers were able to detain the combative female.”

Officers were able to take control of the situation, taking Holder to the precinct where she continued to behave “erratically and combative,” spitting and kicking at authorities. Three Airport flight attendants and Holder were assessed by EMS for respiratory discomfort and several minor injuries but luckily were all clear.

The wild woman was moved to the Clayton County jail following the incident and is pending assault charges, according to the police report.

Honestly, sounds to me like this woman was just having a bad day and was probably exhausted from traveling. Give her a slap on the wrist and call it a day, judge.

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  1. Bullshit! This woman needs to be evaluated for mental illness and if she doesn’t have it than throw the book at her. No one needs to be exposed to a KAREN

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