Woman Broke Vagina

A woman who definitely wasn’t just saying she was using a vibrator so much every day that she broke her vagina for extra Instagram likes — that’s definitely not what’s going on here — using a vibrator so much every day that she broke her vagina. Whoa! Crazy! Awesome! Sick! Cool! Rad!

*gets erection, smashes follow button*

Nadia Bokody, a sex columnist and Instagram model from Sydney, Australia, says that after she left a loveless marriage that didn’t feature much sex she bought herself a vibrator to reignite her passion. Specifically, a Rabbit vibrator made famous by the HBO show Sex and the City. Apparently, she liked it. She used it so much — up to six times a day — that she eventually started to experience pain in her vagina. She initially got tested for STDs (because… who knows where that vibrator has been?) but eventually, her doctor figured out that the pain she was DEFINITELY feeling was from going to town on herself all the time.

So did this happen? Did a lady masturbate so much, ‘cuz it was so rad, that she sort of literally broke off her pussy? Eh. Whatever. Take her word for it. Or don’t. It doesn’t change anything about anything. Whether it’s real or fake we’re already here talking about it and what the hell else was the point of announcing this or making that claim anyway? There isn’t any other point. Now there’s a name mentioned, a vibrator named, and some extra SEO points scored. There’s even Instagram posts embedded. The “truth” is beside the point at this stage of the game. It’s immaterial. So believe whatever you want to. No, actually. That’s bad advice. If you’re a cynic (like me) then you’ll just believe it’s fake. Instead, believe whatever option makes you the happiest. That still might be that it’s fake because you get a kick out of people saying weird stuff for attention. But at least now you’re believing what you’re believing for a positive reason.


This story was originally published June 19, 2019.

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