Woman Forced to Call 911 After Getting Stuck Upside Down at the Gym

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Anyone who goes to the gym knows there can be some embarrassing moments.

You might fall off the treadmill, or find that the iron you’re trying to pump is actually too heavy. You might even get rejected by someone of the opposite sex, if trying to pick up people while working out is your thing.

But getting stuck upside down on one of the machines? Yeah, that probably never happens.

Or does it?

Well, it appears the answer to that question can be yes if you’re not careful. Just ask one unlucky woman who is going viral on TikTok for that very situation.

In fact, she got so desperate in her attempts to free herself from the machine that she felt compelled to dial 9-1-1.

Inversion Table Leaves Woman Stuck Upside Down

The exercise machine in question is known as the inversion table, and multiple users commenting under the tweet showed support for the woman by saying the machine can be difficult, even dangerous. One user went as far as to say she even scrapped hers after buying it.

This particular ordeal lasted 12 minutes before the woman was finally freed. She escaped with nothing beyond what she said was a headache. Oh, and perhaps a bit of embarrassment. But hey, we’ve all been there. Just maybe for not long enough to go viral.

“It was just so much pressure on my head,” she told Complex. “People are saying why would you post that, so embarrassing, but I’m like sometimes you got to laugh at yourself and move on.”

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