Woman Gets Scared Near to Death by Scarecrow at Spirit Halloween, Gets Real Mad


At Spirit Halloween, the Halloween party store that possesses empty strip mall shops to sell costumes and decor only to be exorcised from their 8 billion impermanent locations on November 1st, the decorations like to live up to expectations.

A Spooky Halloween Decoration Comes to Life

Scarecrow drops a shopper from PublicFreakout

Spirit Halloween stores are filled with all sorts of random creepy stuff, including life-size Halloween animatronics of characters like Michael Myers, the Grim Reaper, and a zombie baby to help set the mood. The sort of Halloween prop you’d buy and put at your front door to help you scare trick-or-treaters on Halloween night if you have an extra couple hundred bucks lying around and don’t mind the thing breaking before the night is over. Personally, we recommend the possessed baby prop. It’s the perfect addition to every psycho’s scary Halloween decor idea mood board.

The point is, you should reasonably expect something to randomly move and maybe startle you when you walk into the Halloween costume superstore. The store is called Spirit Halloween, obviously they want to celebrate the spirit of Halloween.

This Lady Did Not Like That Halloween Prank

This woman went through the two stages of the jump scare prank. First, fear. Shameful, crippling, fear. Then, rage. She is pissed. (As an aside it would be fun to go through a haunted house with her.)

That scarecrow went “boo” and she screamed back, “BITCH!” It’s hard to blame here. He’s lucky she didn’t not the stilts out from under him. I would have been (kind of?) justified. Either way, keep your head on a swivel when you walk into the Spirit Halloween store that was where Payless Shoes used to be. There may be a scary surprise waiting for you behind every cheap, collapsable shelf.

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