Woman Goes Viral For Throwing Gender Reveal Party for Her Color Blind Boyfriend

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

LOL. This is a good one, I have been laughing for hours. Looks like a woman’s sweet sweet gesture is now going viral after she decided to throw a gender reveal party for her boyfriend who was color blind. Basically, she put confetti inside a cannon that would show the gender of the baby. Womp, womp. I guess you forgot that her boyfriend can’t really see the colors pink or blue.

The TikTok has now gained nearly 2 million views showing 23-year-old Jenna Cowan and her boyfriend pulling the cannon as pink confetti showers the couple. That’s when the boyfriend turns around and asks her, “what is it?” as Cowan hilariously realizes some mistake that she had made.

A Sweet Mix-Up

She went on to caption the video “oops,” with “Not me forgetting my boyfriend is colorblind during our gender reveal,” in-video text. Luckily for us, the woman went on to say that her boyfriend was totally fine with the, let’s call it, slip-up. “He was completely fine with it,” she told Newsweek. “He just wanted to know whether it was a girl or boy, he is very laid-back and easy-going, so something like that didn’t bother him at all.”

“We were convinced it was a boy so to find out that it was going to be a girl was a complete shock, but we are super excited to become parents,” Cowan continued. As expected, TikTok users had a wild reaction to the video, one because it’s actually really cute, and two because it is hilarious. “Considering he couldn’t see the color his face says he didn’t care whether it was pink or blue,” one user said. “It’s the fact he still did a gender reveal even though he knew he was color blind,” another one said. “He’s a keeper girl.”

Let’s face it, it was an honest mistake with a cute gesture behind it. I love moments like these. 

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