Woman Hilariously Finds Briefcase Stuffed With Sex Toys: ‘Anyone Lost Their Finishing Kit?’

Shadiya Zeinab via Dorset Live

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When you’re walking your dog, and your dog becomes interested in a random box along the way, well, why not look and see what’s inside for yourself? After all, it could be filled with sex toys. That is precisely what one British woman discovered in that exact scenario. She was walking her dog, and the dog became interested in a briefcase, so she looked inside. Yep, it was sex toys, she discovered.

So she shoed away her dog and snapped a picture. “Anyone lost their finishing kit?” the woman, Holly Adam, posted to social media.

Briefcase Stuffed With Sex Toys

(Shadiya Zeinab via Dorset Live)

Her friend described the scene to Dorset Live.

“Her dog was quite interested so she had to take him away pretty swiftly,” the friend said.” You see a lot of fly tipping around here but never that.

“I can’t imagine anyone has claimed it yet. It was a whole briefcase — it’s so random.”

The box was ajar upon discovery, a fact that may have tipped off the woman’s dog.

Basically, someone in England may be feeling unsatisfied at the moment. After all, their goodies are in someone else’s possession. I will say, this woman has jokes. I laughed a little bit, so much so that it scared my own dog. But can you imagine being in the scenario? Just walking your dog casually along the way, a normal day, and then boom you see a box.

First off, brave to touch it with their bare hands see, you never know what that might be. Have you ever thought about maybe being a bomb? These days who knows? But was inside was far better, some sex toys… I really hope this woman left in there and didn’t take them home. Maybe the owner was just going to come by later? Maybe they just didn’t have any use for them and decided to go celibate. Who knows what the context is here, but it sure is one hell of a laugh.

Keep being classy England, we are living for it.

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