Woman in Love Poses as Sheriff’s Deputy and Frees Boyfriend from Jail Washington County Sheriff
Washington County Sheriff

They say that love conquers all, if you are meant to be then it’ll be. Well, a woman was more than determined to make it work with her boyfriend, so much so, that she went to the extreme. And by extreme I mean she posed as a Sheriff to release him from jail. Yes, you just can’t fake true love.

30-year-old Maxine Feldstein from Arkansas pleaded guilty to several charges, including criminal impersonation, and was sentenced to a whopping 30 years in prison. But, half her sentence was suspended by the judge, because well, I’m guessing he saw the couple and felt a little sympathy for them and their young love. So technically, it’s just 15 now.

According to court documents, in July, Feldstein had posed as Ventura County Deputy “L. Kershaw” at the Washington County Jail. She presented several forged documents to fool other officials at the jail into freeing her boyfriend, Nicholas Lowe.

Taking advantage of her love, Lowe was the one who reportedly told Feldstein to pose as a Sheriff’s deputy and tell the jail staff that California was “having issues with overflowing and all low-priority extradition have been suspended.” Which I mean, if someone told me that I would totally agree with her. But then again, I have no background training and don’t know anything about becoming a cop.

So, two days later, a real Ventura County deputy decided to call the jail and let them know he was on his way there to pick up Lowe himself. Which is when jail officials finally realized what was occurring. Safe to say the couple was eventually arrested a month later after the incident.

Earlier this week during court, Feldstein also pleaded guilty to second-degree criminal impersonation, forgery, and third-degree escape. In February, Lowe pleaded guilty to third-degree escape and was given one year in prison with credit for 167 days he initially served and will be suspended for five years once he is released.

True love surely makes you do crazy things.

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