Woman Says She Dates Three Men at Once to ‘Combat’ Ghosting

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The best way to not get ghosted is to date a bunch of people and hope that, in the end, one hasn’t left without saying goodbye or offering a reason why.

That’s the theory of Instagram dating show creator Serena Kerrigan, anyway. She says she dates three men at once. That way, if two take off, she still has one left. Or something like that.

Hey, no one ever said this was a good idea. But for Kerrigan, 28, it’s worth a shot after someone dumped her via text, she said. That one hurt too, she added.

For those of you who don’t have to play the often-maddening dating game experienced by Kerrigan, just know that being “ghosted” means getting the ol’ relationship heave-ho, usually without any sort of warning.

Serena Kerrigan on TikTok

@serenakerrigan #stitch with @mariahgrippo never forget the rule of thirds #datingadvice #ghosting #datingtips #single ♬ original sound – SFK

For Kerrigan, enough is enough. So, multiple dudes, it is.

“Operating in abundance,” she told the New York Post, is “the best thing that I did for my confidence.”

Kerrigan explained her full feelings in a TikTok video, saying she “started to realize that when I go on first dates, I present the best version of myself. … so the way that I stopped getting super attached after a first date is this, and I literally wear by this: You always have to be dating three people at a time.”

She added that it “chills you out” because you’re not “putting all your eggs in one basket.”

There is definitely some logic behind this, particularly for those who experience the often odd and sometimes frustrating world of online dating. If you can handle three weirdos at once, then Kerrigan’s plan probably makes sense. At least, it is until you find the weirdo who is right for you.

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