Now that we’re in 2018, many of us are preparing for the onslaught of what’s to come. While some wait for the Winter Olympics and others make New Year’s Resolutions they’ll (hopefully) keep, others are spending their time thinking about how they’re somehow going to survive this year.

One artist decided to make a short comic that best illustrates how she (and hopefully others) will approach 2018.

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The comic was drawn by Sarah Andersen. According to her website, her comics are “semi-autobiographical and follow the adventures of myself, my friends, and my beloved pets.”

It turns out a lot of people took a look at Andersen’s comic — and and had a wide variety of responses to it, whether they liked it or not. Twitter user @AlexaGamma commented “Let’s pretend that 2017 never happened.”

Others, like @Edelweiss110295, welcomed the challenge, just like Andersen. “Oh well, I survived 22 years now,” they wrote, “I will survive another one, bring it on 2018.”

Others had some more creative responses, with one even making an appropriately hilarious edit to Andersen’s comic.

Andersen has a Patreon page where she solicits donations to create more hilarious comics for 2018.

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