Twitter user Liz Bertorelli found herself facing an interesting problem when she dropped her phone onto the balcony of the apartment below.

Bertorelli took to Twitter (apparently using somebody else’s phone) in hopes of seeking a solution to her problem. Eventually, she managed to drop a note on the neighbor’s table with a contact number — but the note blew away.

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Of course, the phone eventually got rained on. But the story has a happy ending, she managed to rig up a drone to a rope, and with a top-notch steady hand, retrieved the phone.

When she got her beloved iPhone back, it was cracked and probably water damaged. But still, a broken phone is better than no phone at all, right?

It seems the neighbors may not have been home because, throughout the entire ordeal, they never answered the notes left under their door. But, for Liz, a little ingenuity has gone a long way.

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