WWE’s hilarious “Twin Peaks” parody segment was even more bonkers than the real thing

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A recent angle on WWE’s “SmackDown Live” involves a fashionably flamboyant wrestler named Tyler Breeze investigating the disappearance of his friend and tag-team partner, Fandango, who was abducted by mysterious kidnappers at a recent pay-per-view event.

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Prior to the abduction, Breeze and Fandango — who are collectively referred to as Breezango — had been participating in a series of segments in which they parodied various cop dramas, like “CSI” and “The X-Files.”

On Tuesday evening’s episode of “SmackDown Live,” Tyler Breeze, now sleuthing solo, channeled Kyle MacLachlan’s “Twin Peaks” character Agent Cooper as he continued his search for the missing Fandango — the WWE’s version of Laura Palmer — in a parody skit called “Fashion Peaks.”

And it was just as bonkers as the real thing!


The segment begins with Breeze  analyzing pun-heavy evidence that features references like “Bella Twin Peaks” and “Fire Walk With Me.” Then, just like Agent Cooper, the wrestler has a crazy dream that greatly assists him with the case.

“No wonder this show got canceled the first time,” he says whilst trying to make sense of his trippy Lynchian epiphany. Breeze then awakes, screaming, “Enough with the metaphors! No more metaphors!”

Here’s the original Agent Cooper dream sequence:

You can watch a brilliant Best of Breezango compilation below:


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