You Can Buy a Bob Ross Chia Pet Because, Well, Who Wouldn’t Want One?

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Chia Pets have been around for a long time, and they just keep getting better. If you’re a fan of Bob Ross and his PBS show, “The Joy of Painting,” you can now buy a Chia Pet of the painter. You can buy the decorative pottery planter from Chia on Amazon for $15, because why wouldn’t you want the soft-spoken man with a permed afro in Chia Pet form? The Bob Ross Chia Pet has perfect ratings.

I love having novelty gifts around. They make for fun home decor for my guests to enjoy. It looks like we’re going to have to add Bob Ross to the Chia family collection. You can also buy Golden Girls Chia Planters! I know, Chia is just going to take all of our money!

Chia Pet Bob Ross with Seed Pack

Chia Pet Bob Ross with Seed Pack

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The kit comes with a care instructions sheet, pottery planter, convenient plastic drip tray, and chia seed packets for three plantings. Your Chia will look perfect! Trust me, Bob Ross will have a beautiful green coat. Follow the care instructions for happy little trees, but remember, “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.”

Customer reviews are fantastic!

“So cute! Looks just like the package and so excited to grow grow grow!” Annie wrote on Amazon.

M. Gode wrote, “This was a middle of the night impulse buy and I regret nothing! Bob Ross, rest his pure and shining soul, will always have a place in my life. The terracotta is well made, nice and smooth. The chia seeds are plentiful, enough for multiple crops and the instructions are helpful. The seeds are fresh and sprouted immediately. 100% pleased.”

Bob Ross Chia Pets make interesting collectibles for fans of the most-watched art show of TV history. Once your Chia Pet reaches full growth, you’ll be showing it off. Check out these Bob Ross planters.


You can find a variety of planters from Chia. Some all-time favorite characters from Star Wars are even available, like Chewbacca! There’s also a Donald Trump, and Rick & Morty Chia Pet available. Uh-oh, someone needs to take my credit card.

This post was originally published on November 2, 2018.


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