You can now legally buy “virgin Russian hair” online, and we’re cancelling the internet


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

There’s been a lot of talk about Russia in the news lately, and most of us are pretty damn tired of it. There are all kinds of studies and polls, most recently one by Harvard, suggesting that the public feels that the media focuses too much time on the Russia story. However, there’s one Russia story that nobody is talking about. And, that’s a company called Carla Lawson Hair Extensions that offers “Virgin Russian hair.”

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As far as we can tell, these hair extensions have no interest in interfering in foreign elections or arresting journalists. According to their website, “Virgin Russian hair is the best quality hair available and extremely difficult to source, and therefore, it is the most expensive.” It seems that the hair does not actually come from Russian virgins. Instead, it’s “virgin” in the sense that it hasn’t been bleached or dyed and comes straight off the heads of Russian women.

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Carla sells her Virgin Russian hair out of Australia, and it’s not exactly clear if you can buy the hair in the United States. But, then again, putting “Virgin Russian hair” on your credit card will probably put you on some watch list that we definitely don’t want to be on.

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