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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

ABC 7 meteorologist Greg Dutra just had an amazing realization while talking about the weather, and it led to smiles from ear to ear. He was pointing out something on the map when he accidentally touched it and moved the screen. He had no idea that the screen was a touchscreen.

Dutra stopped talking mid-sentence to exclaim, “Oooo, I moved the map. I didn’t know I could do that. Noooo waaaaay!”

Then we start hearing other people in the room express their excitement. A woman says, “Are you serious? Did you just discover that?”

A man says, “I gotta try it. Hold on, hold on, hold on.”

“Can you believe that?” says Dutra. “Just touch it. You can go anywhere you want.”

The other man is smiling at the camera as he wiggles the interactive screen around and Dutra turns, laughing with glee.

“Ooooh, that’s so cool,” says the woman.

The entire room is entranced by the screen technology that no one knew they had available. Dutra keeps trying things out, realizing he can zoom and even change the angle of the view, much like on Google Earth. He keeps trying to finish talking about the weather forecast but is distracted by the discovery.

“Kid In A Candy Store”

Dutra shared the experience to his Instagram with the caption “This wasn’t in the training manual! @terrellbrownabc7 @valwarnertv and I took it OFF THE RAILS when I learned the tv is a touch screen on @abc7chicago 😂 #weather #bloopers #tv

Instagram comments flooded the post along with smiley emojis.

“Can u say ‘kid in a candy store?’“ said one person.

“Most genuine TV moment” said another.

“A new fan, Reddit loves you,” said someone else. Another comment mentioned that the video went viral on Reddit with over 90k likes.

By now, that Reddit post has over 239,000 upvotes on the “Made Me Smile” subreddit. It’s captioned “Weatherman discovers his monitor has a touch screen… immediately turns into a kid.”

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