You will never have more fun than the “Stranger Things” kids had with Jimmy Fallon NBC/SCREENSHOT

In “Stranger Strings with the Kids from Stranger Things,” comedian Jimmy Fallon played a game with four of the child actors from the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things.”

The premise was simple. Before the show, each participant admitted something embarrassing. Those embarrassing moments were written down and read aloud for the audience to hear. The players then used cans of Silly String to spray gunk at the person who they believed was behind each moment.

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Most of the children from the show are still in their preteen or teenage years and seemed to relish the opportunity to appear on a program as popular as “The Tonight Show.” Like any group of little kids, they tried their best to be funny, and had no problem becoming 100% committed to the game.

Similarly, Fallon was able to feed off the kids’ energy and appeared to have more fun than he normally does (which is quite a bit of fun).

Throughout the game, the kids pounded Fallon with as much Silly String as they possibly could.

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