YouTube stars Dude Perfect will blow your mind with these awesome baseball trick shots

YouTube/Dude Perfect

Trick-shot maestros and YouTube mega-stars Dude Perfect have manged to amass over over 23 million subscribers over the course of their eight-year YouTube career. And if that wasn’t impressive enough the second season of the gang’s TV show, “The Dude Perfect Show” premiered on Nickelodeon in the summer of 2017. But having a their own TV show doesn’t mean they’ve neglected their YouTube audience, as this insanely impressive baseball trick shot compilation video that they recently produced for their channel proves.

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These trick shots are seriously mind-blowing. It’s difficult to fathom how much practice and patience it must take to pull off these stunts, and there’s no doubt hours of footage that ends up on the cutting room floor — oh how we’d love to see those bloopers!

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Obviously, they don’t just dabble in sports that are popular stateside. Earlier this year Dude Perfect visited the U.K. to show off some of their skills in front of a few Premier League soccer stars.

Speaking to Chelsea FC’s website Coby Cotton — Dude Perfect’s regular host — said “Working with great organizations like Yokohama Tire and Chelsea FC was really cool. A shout out to the Chelsea players for being such good sports and helping create another classic Dude Perfect video.”

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