Greet Your Guests This Halloween With These Spooky Zombie Gnomes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (Halloween season, of course). Which means it’s time to make the most out of a COVID-style Halloween and go all out with Halloween decorations for people to appreciate from a distance. Amazon is selling zombie gnomes, and they’re the perfect addition to your garden.

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Let the neighbors put up their gigantic Halloween decor, these zombie garden gnomes are just as impressive. It looks like the zombie apocalypse did come after all. Place these creepy lawn gnomes in your garden to create an effortless but spooky Halloween setup.

Creepy Garden Gnomes

PTC 7 Inch Resin Scary Crawling Zombie Garden Gnome Décor Figurine


This hand-painted gnome looks like something from a horror movie, for sure! The detail is impeccable. The eye-popping out will scare off some trespassers.

A customer gave this gnome a five-star review and said, “My neighbors and people visiting check out my gnome collection (all are Zombie related). It really brings a smile to their faces when they get up close and see a scene from “The Walking Dead” – Gnome version of course – LOL.”

2. Zombie Gnomes: Bye Bye Birdie


If flamingos are part of your outdoor home decor, then you’re going to love (or hate) this one. These garden statues are gnawing away at a helpless flamingo.

This funny garden gnome is handmade in the USA and is priced right at $55. It’s made from a cement blend then painted and sealed for top weather resistance.  Enjoy this creepy gnome during rainy and spine-chilling nights this fall.

3. Design Toscano CL6565 Zombie Gnombie Graveyard Garden Gnome Statue, 11 Inch, Full Color

Design Toscano CL6565 Zombie Gnombie Graveyard Garden Gnome Statue, 11 Inch, Full Color


If The Walking Dead is one of your favorite TV shows, then you’re going to love these spooky lawn Halloween decorations. For more lawn ornaments, garden sculptures, and eerie collectibles, check out Amazon.

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