10 Best Hiking Trails in Colorado

If you’re ready to get out into the wilderness this summer — or still looking to socially distance from idiots AND the four walls of your 400 sq ft apartment maybe forever — look no further!

Consider getting into the great outdoors and enjoying what’s left of our environment!

Here are ten great hiking trails in Colorado to get you started.


1. The Base of Lizard Head Peak via lizard Head Pass

This hiking trail is easy to moderate, just enough to get your blood pumping. Lizard Head Pek is a 13,000′ mountain in Colorado. The hiking trail is 3.5 miles one way to the base. The best spot to enter is atop Lizard Headp Pass, which is approximately fifteen minutes from Telluride. The mostly flat trek takes you through parts of the pine forest, giving fantastic views of the San Juan Mountains. To make this spot even cooler [hotter]. At the base of the tower, an extinct volcanic pipe lies.

2. Argentine Pass

Another trail ranking easy to moderate. Argentine Pass contests two basins. If you have a Jeep or something similar, that may be the best way to access it.  There is a parking area from the Guanella entrance, to the east. Another entrance is to ta,e the 2.5-mile trail up on the Mpnotezuma side. This is a bit rougher, however. Here Mount Edwards will be to your north, Argentine Peak to the south, and Torreys Peak in the middle. If you’re feeling super adventurous, you can head down into Gulch Trailhead, as well.

3. Peak 6 Via the Colorado Trail

This easy-ish trail begins at the parking of Copper Mountain, near the Colorado Trail trailhead. This trail has excellent views of  Breckenridge. You can also walk off-trail for a picnic in the hills and views of Gore Range in the west. At about 7 miles, round trip, it never gets to steep. Once you have passed Crystal Peak, you can make your way down to Mayflower Gulch parking area; this part is excellent for advanced hikers; you’ll get to see even more towering mountains!

4. Longs Peak

More suitable for advanced hikers is Longs Peak. This Peak stands at 14,255 feet up in the high and is the 13th highest Colorado Mountain. Thousands of people attempt to climb this beast every year, and less than half, according to the Nation Park Service, actually reach the Peak. So, if you fall into that half, don’t be discouraged. As you could guess, it’s a pretty lengthy hike at 15 miles round trip. Not to mention the elevation gain of over 5,000 geet. Be sure to keep an eye out for boulders, but never feat the trail is well marked. Stay safe, and be prepared to be rewarded with gorgeous views.

5. Lion Lakes At Rocky Mountain National Park

In Rocky Mountain National Park, between Mount Alice and Chiefs Head Peak lie lion Lakes, a high-alpine pool chain. The trail exists mostly on Thubnker Lake Trail (also its destination). To make sure you don’t get lost, just follow the bodies of water for the 12-mile trek. Feel free to take in the picturesque wildflowers while you traverse this mostly flat terrain.

6. Mount Bierstadt

From Guanelle Pass, Mount Bierstadt might make you think Sound of Music. However, don’t be fooled. This 14,060 foot Peak is a 6 mile round trip not for the faint of heart. While absolute beginners are not recommended to attempt this trail,  Mount Bierstadt isn’t reserved for only expert hikers. It is, however, considered one of the 14ers.  Mount Bierstadt connects with Mount Spaulding and Mount Evans. The descent down, however, is a paradise with animals and natural garden views.

7. Boulder’s Guardians of the Flatirons

 Another moderate trail is this trio of peaks, accessible from Boulder, Colorado. Craving a day hike? Check these famous flatirons. Choose your own adventure as a point to point or continuously. Throughout Boulder, there are multiple trailheads to start at for the 10 (12 looped) mile hike. The most popular, perhaps, is near Chautauqua and ascends for 3.2 miles to Green-Bear. If you go on a day with clear weather, you can see Pikes Peak, Denver, and Longs Peak. What a treat!

8. Sky Pond via Glacier Gorge Trail

In the Rocky Mountain Nation Park, this challenging trail lies ready to test your physical and mental. It’s 9.5 miles there and back located near Estes Park. The nearby lake is beautiful, as are the views. The same views give you a glimpse of just how difficult this baby is. Yeesh!

10. Pyramid peak

Another difficulty level ten for the advanced hikers out there. This is one of the most challenging day hikes, stretching to a 14,014 fee. Many hikers start early in the morning to get a start on this one. And while you can attempt this Class 4  without out tactical gear, it couldn’t hurt to have a rope and harness handy. Keep an eye out for the mountain goats up there on this round trip hike of 8.2 miles, often lasting 8-10 hours. And enjoy the beautiful MaroonBells view!



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