10 crazy Instagram accounts you’ll absolutely want to follow

Deep diving into social media in any form is a job for trained professionals.

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We’ve gone deep into the wilds of Instagram to find some of the most entertaining accounts for you to follow.

1. Cooking for BAE

Cooking is not always a sign of love. The massive fails of two Instagram favorites—food and relationships— are combined in Cooking for BAE. Those trying to make a meal for their loved oness end up getting burned on this account where the curator culls the worst meals recorded.

2. Crap Taxidermy

If you’re fascinated with pictures of animals staring at you, that’s one thing. If you’re fascinated with pictures of animals with eyes staring in different directions, Crap Taxidermy is your place. The photos mix creepy and crappy to disturbing and hilarious effect. Just ask the stoner polar bears.

3. Baddie Winkle

Grandma has barely made it to MySpace – she can’t possibly be on Instagram, can she? Oh yes she can. Baddie Winkle, an 85-year-old-plus great-grandmother, twerks, hula hoops and wears shirts like that say things like “Popular Slut Club.” 1.7 million followers later – she’s taking over. Get down with your bad self, grandma.

4. Ex Gonna Give it to the Internet

Soooo you might have sent a text to an ex once or twice. And you might have thought about it later and wondered, ooooohhh, crap…what did I say? Don’t worry, Ex Marks the Spot is happy to retain your moments of insanity.

5. Failed Tattoos

You know what the most important ingredient in a tattoo shop is? It’s not needles or ink – it’s a dictionary. Make sure they can at least spell dictionary before they put needle to skin, or you might end up here.


6. Single and Ready to Mingle

So, if you’re not one for the sunset or snuggling that seems to overflow in Instagram, maybe you can take a lesson from Keisuke Jinushi, who made it look like he is sharing his time with a significant other by zooming in and manicuring his off hand.

7. Travel with Protection

No one is happy with flying procedures. You really don’t want to annoy the TSA agent with your frustrations, though – not least of all because they have access to everything (EVERYTHING) in your suitcase. And cameras.

8. Nutella? Nutella.

Some people have a history of taking their picture at different baseball fields. Or with celebrities. Wardere just wants to get photos with his jar of Nutella. Spring, summer, winter or fall, wrapped in Christmas lights or sitting on the beach…Nutella.

9. The Chair

If you’re a husband, and you’ve been stuck there, you know what this is all about: In the husband chair in the department store, sitting, watching, waiting…waiting…so much waiting. We’ve been photographed, lads, while we doze, snore, check our phones and pray to God the game goes to overtime so maybe we can catch a little of it. I need to go scan these now….

10. Definitely Not Gluten-Free

So what do you say about an Asian woman who regularly posts short videos of mashing her face into bread. Yeah, me neither. But there it is. Start with the cornbread – stay for the crouton.

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