With everyone home during the summer, houses can get dirty quickly. Here are some tips to keep your home clean.

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1. Make the bed when you get out of it

As good as it feels to stay in your bed, getting up and making the bed first thing in the morning will kick-start your productivity levels and make it that much harder to crawl back into dreamland.

2. Make getting rid of old clothes easy

Keeping a hamper or bag in your closet where, as you’re getting dressed, you can throw items of clothing that don’t work anymore will help you keep your clothes down to manageable levels.

Sort through the hamper once a month and toss, donate, or sell.

3. Make toilet cleaning part of your nighttime routine

The time you need to brush your teeth, floss and wash your face is probably the exact time you need to let an average toilet cleaner product work before giving it a quick scrub. Use a wipe to quickly clean the seat.

Doing this every other day will keep your toilet neat in between deep cleans.

4. Hang up wet towels

To save energy and time, hang up your towels to let them properly air-dry. That’ll let you use them two or three times, which will save electricity through fewer laundry cycles.

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5. Clean up your spills

It sounds basic, but two minutes cleaning up a spill when it happens will keep you from spending two hours on cleaning up all the spills on a weekend.

It’s easier to notice tiny spills in broad daylight, so inspect your counter tops and floors in the morning.

6. Empty the dishwasher while brewing coffee

We all have different ways of multitasking, but this is one that will save you time later.

If you can get your dishwasher empty before breakfast, that’ll let you put your breakfast dishes in it so they don’t pile up in the sink and sit there all day.

7. Start the dishwasher before bed

As tempting as it is to go veg out in front of “Game of Thrones,” filling and starting the dishwasher at night helps you get the kitchen clean and start the next day in a good spot. Do it during commercials if you must, but get it done.

8. Clean as you cook

It makes it so much easier to clean up after the meal is finally produced if you do small portions of cleaning while things are simmering. Start with your prep work and clean up from that that before you start cooking.

Once your meal is ready, quickly rinse utensils before sitting down to eat. It will make it much easier to clean up after a meal.

9. Clean during commercials

No one enjoys commercials (unless it is during the Super Bowl). Take those couple-minute breaks to wipe down your coffee table and side tables, straighten your living room table, and get rid of some clutter.

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It’s a great time to go through the DVDs lining your bookcases and weed out ones you want to get rid of.

10. Keep a mail sorter near the door

Junk mail can end up on every table in the house, depending on where you put things down when you get home.

Keeping a mail sorter will give a place to drop your mail in when you get in your house. Empty your tray once a week when paying bills.

Unless you’re waiting for something urgent, most mail can wait a few days. That way you’ll keep everything in one spot and address it in bulk.

These 10 hacks will help you keep your house clean all the time Flickr / Nikki
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