10 inexpensive activities to enjoy this fall

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Videos by Rare

Fall is a great time to enjoy some inexpensive, fun activities. Here are 10 of our favorites.

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1. Apple picking

It’s easy to pick up apples at the grocery store, but there are few things as tasty as orchard-fresh apples right off the tree. The crunchiness with a tangy taste is a sure sign that fall is here.

Many commercial orchards will let you pick you own, and have warm cider for sale when you’re done picking.

2. Hayrides

If you find a combination orchard and farm, you can double dip on the fall fun.

Once you finish apple picking, you can jump on a hayride. This is a great way to kick back and enjoy nature with smaller kids who may not be up for a long walk.

3. Hiking

With the swelter of summer sweated away, fall is a great time to go hiking. Wildlife is actively collecting food for the winter, and their thick, shiny coats will make them noticeable on the trail.

Be aware that while you might start a mountain hike in fall temperatures, you very well may end up in winter temps when you reach the peak.

4. Collect fall leaves

While you’re out hiking, it’s a great time to take in all the colors of fall – and then take them home with you. You can press them into books, or paste them onto paper to make greeting cards, or glue them (use small dabs!) between two pieces of wax paper to make a sun catcher.

5. Pop a little bubbly

While fall can often feel a little depressing as the summer fades away, those crisp cool days should be celebrated.

The fall air is the perfect complement to a crisp bottle of champagne — as if you needed another excuse to pour a glass of the good stuff — and it’s the perfect way to truly celebrate the changing season.

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6. Find a great pumpkin

It’s easy to be in a rush and just grab your Halloween pumpkin at the grocery store, but it can create a special memory to go get it from the source.

Wandering around a pumpkin patch in the fall is great fun, and can make for great photo opportunities with your kids. Choose a couple of big ones for jack-o-lanterns and smaller ones for house decorations.

7. Do something a-maze-ing

Many farms earn extra income for the winter by turning their cornfields into large mazes, filled with scary scenes and cackling sound effects.

Test your directional sense, and get some fresh air in the process. Corn mazes are fun or all ages.

8. Stuff a scarecrow

It doesn’t take many brains to be a scarecrow, or to make one.

Dig out an old shirt and overalls, and stuff it with leaves until firm. Add a pumpkin head (from your trip to the pumpkin patch) and you’ve got a great fall decoration.

Pair it with a viewing of “The Wizard of Oz,” for the full scarecrow experience.

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9. Have a bonfire

The chill in the air makes fall the perfect time to sit together by the warmth of a blazing fire with friends and a nice warm mug of cocoa or cider. Be sure to get any necessary permits from your town first.

10. Do the work — then have the fun!

Rake up all those leaves on the ground…and then jump in!

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