3 pit bulls, 2 proposals, 1 home — this happy couple is on the same page

Scruff is a geo-located dating app for gay men. The more the scruff, the more your profile adapts to your physical and emotional preferences.

When Michael Stewart came across Stephen Moleski’s profile on Scruff, he was immediately intrigued. Stephen was gorgeous, successful and living in the same area as Michael. He seemed a little too good to be true… could he be a catfish?

Well, there was only one way to find out.

Micheal explained that he reached out to Stephen over the app, but he didn’t immediately receive a reply.

“I honestly though that his profile was fake. I mean, his photos weren’t like normal selfies, even though his selfies are model status anyway. The pictures he posted were like model pictures. He was so beautiful, and he was obviously really successful. He seemed like the whole package, so I sent him a “woof.” A woof is like a Facebook poke. I didn’t receive a message or a woof for over a week. After a week, his profile popped up again on my feed, but he had a different picture… I definitely thought he was a catfish, but I took a risk and messaged him anyway. I’m so glad I did.”


On the flip side, Stephen had just moved back to Atlanta and gotten situated in his new apartment. He didn’t have cable or WiFi set up, so he decided to kill some time conversing on Scruff, which wasn’t a foreign thing for him.

Stephen explained that Scruff was an app that he used to stay connected with his friends all over the world.

“I’m a celebrity makeup artist, and my work has taken me all over the world. I have friends all over, so Scruff is a great way to stay connected with my gay friends overseas for free. People are on the app for their own reasons, but I was seriously on there to just communicate with my friends. I would get on there and look around, but I never reached out to anyone. I wasn’t looking for anything, but when Michael walked into my life, everything changed.”


Their witty banter made its way off the app and onto their phones. Soon after, their first date was planned.

We figured Stephen would be ecstatic about his upcoming date, but he was actually feeling the opposite. A day before their date, Stephen took part in a very intricate photo shoot that involved a lot of baby oil and even more gold paint.

“A day before our date, I had taken part in a really awesome photo shoot. I was covered head to toe in gold paint. The pictures turned out amazing, but after the shoot, I was so incredibly sick. The paint toxins had made their way into my body, and it made me so ill. I’m on my death bed, and I have this guy over here [Michael] telling me that we were going on a date the following day. I showed up to the date, but I wasn’t feeling awesome.”

Their date included front row cycling, delicious sushi and plenty of selfies.


Stephen made a distinct effort to go into this new relationship 100 percent authentic. He wasn’t trying to be anything he wasn’t, and he wanted to make sure that if Michael fell for him, he was going to fall for the man that Stephen truly was.

“I basically did the whole ‘how to lose a guy in 10 days’ from the start of our relationship. I had been in relationships before where my partner tried to change who I was, and I refused to go through that again. Luckily, I didn’t scare Michael off; we actually really thrived together from the very beginning.”

Stephen knew that Michael was someone worth keeping around when he introduced Michael to the most important lady in his life — Monroe. The pup was a huge deciding factor in the progression of their relationship.


Before Michael was introduced to Stephen’s fur baby, it was requested that he wine and dine the princess upon their first meeting.

“Monroe is my baby; she is my ride-or-die. If she didn’t like Michael, I’d show him where the door was. I really wanted Monroe to like him, before they met, I made him go to the pet store and get her a gift. He bought her a little stuffed elephant, and it paid off. The moment she saw Michael is the moment that she never looked at me the same. She absolutely loves him to the point that it’s irritating!”


Michael received the seal of approval from princess Monroe, so it was smooth sailing from there on out.

This couple knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, but it was very clear that they wanted their engagement to be something special — they were definitely on the same exact page with that. Their families had planned to meet one another on a trip to Las Vegas, so that was the perfect time to pop the question, right?

Stephen explained that the proposal was definitely on his mind.

“I knew I needed to ask Michael’s parents for approval before I popped the question. I texted his mom and told her that I needed to ask her something when we met in person for the first time. When we were all playing the slots, I got my mom to distract Michael while I talked to his parents. When I asked their permission to marry their son, they all burst into tears. It was a beautiful moment.”

Michael was completely unaware that Stephen had asked his parents for his hand in marriage. And little did Stephen know, he had a trick up his sleeve.

“Stephen’s parents were getting in their cab to head to the airport, and were were all outside waiting. I knew this was the moment I needed to ask his parents for their permission, so I just did it! Everyone was so excited; there were a lot of tears shed that day.”

The next morning, the couple woke up a little confused — were they engaged or not? Stephen was a little frustrated that Michael had stolen his thunder, but it just proved that they’re completely in-sync.

“We woke up the next morning and I was like, ‘So Michael, are we engaged? When you asked for my parents’ permission, was that also a proposal?’ I was so confused, but it was also pretty funny that we both had the same idea while on this important trip. We agreed that we would tell people that we proposed to each other, rather than saying that just one of us did it. It just shows that we both really were on the same page about our future!”

The couple will wed in Fall 2018. Stephen and Michael will be surrounded by their friends, family and their three wonderful pups. We wish them a successful, beautiful wedding and future!

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