5-year-old whiz kid solves tricky riddle unbelievably fast

Anson Wong, boy genius, can cleverly solve just about any math problem and riddle you throw at him.

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Recently, Anson was given a homework question that might have stumped even the brightest among us, but Anson solved the problem like a pro.

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Here’s the math problem he was given:

In a party, guests were seated around a circular table for six. Before the party, the host asked each guest to shake hands once with everyone at the table. How many handshakes were made at each table?

Anson gathered some props to help him visualize the problem. He arranged six tomatoes on a plate to represent the guests sitting at the table. Then he demonstrated how each guest would shake hands once and added each one up.

Here’s what it looked like:

Guest 1 shakes hands with 5 people

Guest 2 shakes hands with 4 people

Guest 3 shakes hands with 3 people

Guest 4 shakes hands with 2 people

Guest 5 shakes hands with one person

Guest six shakes no hands.

So adding all those hand shakes up (5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1) gives you 15 handshakes.

Congratulations if you got the correct answer!

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