As we continue to morph to communicating with the millennial version of the hieroglyphic, a new emoji batch will be debuting this month, per Mental Floss.

SFist reports that Unicode has approved 72 new designs for inclusion in Unicode 9.0, with long-awaited emojis for bacon, eyebrow raising, Chinese takeout, salad and more!

I may be a little too excited for the whiskey emoji and just hope that the next batch includes a cricket.  That way, when my kids don’t respond to my text, I can send them a few crickets. #BestMomEver

Here are few for you to check out!  What emoji would you like to see available next? #crickets

It also looks like Facebook Messenger is following suit by adding several new Messenger emojis too. I’m too excited for the the runner girl and donuts!

A new batch of emojis has arrived, further allowing us to express ourselves without words Mental Floss
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