Adorable Polar Bear Caught Belly Flopping Across the Arctic

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It’s sometimes hard to believe the polar bear is the largest carnivore species on the planet. That’s especially the case when you catch one acting like, well, a beagle puppy.

That is what one particular polar bear was doing when filmed by tourist Emma Postolec, who was on an Arctic cruise when she took a video of what she saw. And that was a polar bear enjoying the elements.

In this case, of course, the elements involved ice and snow. Perhaps thinking that no one was looking, the bear decided it was a good time to let loose.

Polar Bear Caught Belly Flopping Across the Arctic

At first, the polar bear emerges from the water, in typical polar bear fashion. Then it takes a few steps, gingerly testing the ice. Then it hops in the water, taking a frozen dip, before emerging on the snow — and scooting, face down, while walking on its hind legs.

While the whole routine looked silly, this is actually a good lesson for humans. As relayed by Fox Weather, these are actually fairly safe movements to get across ice.

Per the website:

“For example, should a person feel the ice crack beneath their feet, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources recommends lying on your stomach and spreading your arms and legs. This allows your body weight to spread over a greater surface area rather than concentrated in a small area, increasing the likelihood of the ice cracking even more.”

So go ahead and laugh. Unlike brown bears, polar bears are known to have a fairly laid-back approach to life and just won’t care. Look no further than this particular bear as proof.

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