Alex Rodriguez Reveals He Has Early-Stage Gum Disease  

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On Wednesday morning, Alex Rodriguez revealed that he has been diagnosed with gum disease in its early stages.

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Rodriguez, 47, joined the presenters of CBS News to make the announcement and to talk about the significance of dental health.

“Looks can be deceiving,” he said when someone complimented his smile.

“I just recently went to see my dentist and not thinking anything about any gum disease,” Rodriguez shared. “And the dentist tells me the news, and then I come to find out over 65 million Americans have this gum disease.” 

Rodriguez was inspired by the diagnosis to team up with OraPharma to help spread knowledge about dental health. He encouraged others to prioritize their dental health. “It’s important for all the viewers watching, all Americans,” to care for their teeth, he said.

Roughly 50% of adults over 30 years old have some form of gum disease, and this number is even greater for people aged 65 and up, according to the CDC.

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Rodriquez wasn’t sure what led to his gum disease diagnosis, but he explained that the issue is “prevalent in our Black and Brown communities, and especially my Latino community.”

Rodriguez stated that he never used chewing tobacco during his time in Major League Baseball, but he was a big fan of sunflower seeds. He talked about his mentor, Tony Gwen, who he described as “one of the great, great icons of baseball,” adding that he sadly passed away after “a lot of tobacco use.”

On Wednesday, Rodriguez shared a clip of the segment on his Instagram account.

“I’m excited to be back in my home city for a day full of interviews about my new campaign with OraPharma and arestin_pi,” he captioned the post.

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