Ditch Your Awful Commute, Amazon is Hiring for Work from Home Jobs

If you prefer working in your pajamas and hanging out with your dog all day over being forced to wear pants and have conversations about the weather with humans who are dead behind the eyes, then you need to hit up Amazon for one of their new work-from-home jobs ASAP. Or if you just need a second job and don’t want to drive Uber and transport drunks around while they demand you play “Sweet Caroline” all night.

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Amazon has announced that it is hiring 1,750 part-time remote customer service associates by October 14 in order to be properly staffed for the holidays, which are set up to be Amazon’s biggest ever. You can find those jobs here.

According to Amazon, their home customer service associates earn $10 per hour through their first four weeks of training. (They expect a minimum of 28 hours per week during training.) Once training is completed the pay increases to $12 an hour.

Apparently, Amazon is a pretty sweet gig for virtual positions. Though there are plenty of stories out there about Amazon warehouse workers being so overworked they have to take dumps in their own helmets and learn to sleep while standing, or whatever, Amazon has actually routinely been named one of the best work from home employers.
Hours vary but these Amazon jobs will get at least 20 to 29 hours per week. The shifts include morning, afternoon, evening, and night shifts — whenever you’re free basically — as well as weekend shifts.

Though the jobs are seasonal part-time Amazon expects the positions to last at least nine months, and the best Amazon customer service reps may be retained full-time.

All candidates for the virtual customer service positions need to be qualified is a high school diploma or equivalent, and over one year of experience in a service environment dealing with customers. Unfortunately, however, candidates must live in the following states: Nebraska, South Carolina, Idaho, New Mexico, Tennessee, Louisiana, West Virginia, Alabama, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, or Mississippi.

The dream of never having to sit in morning and evening commutes, being pushed to the brink of a homicidal rage by the ineptitude of your fellow motorists is within your reach.

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