If you’re anything like us, the scariest part of a horror movie starts when the movie ends, when you start to question whether a murderer is hiding in your kitchen, or if the living dead are watching from a distance. After watching a scary movie, the mind has a way of convincing you that everything you just watched might happen to you.

Well, how do you get past this? Usually, you can stray away from these scary thoughts and imaginary situations by rationalizing the fact that there is no way that the movie is real — but what if it is?

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You have probably seen, or heard of, the American classic horror film “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” This movie follows a demented psychopath on his journey of murder throughout the small Texas town in which he lives.

Well, we hate to inform you that this movie was loosely based on the crimes of American serial killer Ed Gein. Gein was a grave robber and murderer, practiced necrophilia, and experimented with human taxidermy.

Good luck getting to sleep tonight.

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