This 5-year-old genius shows you how to become a master of air pressure with a few simple items

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Jessica and Anson are back in action to show you how to conduct the awesome rising water science experiment. You only need a few items (and a few minutes) to impress everyone, and you get to use fire, which is always an added bonus!

To conduct this experiment yourself, you’ll need the following items: 

  • 1 small glass
  • food coloring (any color)
  • water (in a separate cup)
  • a few matches
  • 1 lighter
  • 1 glass plate
  • coin

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  1. Add food coloring to your water.
  2. Take a match and bend it so that the part you will be lighting faces upward.
  3. Place the bent match on the plate.
  4. Place the coin on top of the match so that it does not move.
  5. Add water to the plate, but be sure to not cover the tip of the match.
  6. Light the tip of the match.
  7. Immediately place the small glass over the flame.
  8. Watch the water get sucked up into the glass!

Anson explains what is happening:

“When we lit the match, it created hot air in our glass, right? Outside the glass, the air pressure is different than it is inside the glass. The different air pressures makes the gas inside the glass push against the inside of the cup. This is called a vacuum. You know when the match went out and all the air got sucked up? It’s because when the match went out the air got cooler, releasing pressure. Then it gets sucked up into the glass!”






Anson’s Answers features a 5-year-old genius. He has a college-level grasp on various areas of science, dreams of becoming the president and can speak multiple languages. Did you catch that he’s just 5 years old? Anson has a passion for teaching others and loves to share videos explaining the human body, the laws of physics and his ideas for the future. Grab a seat, because Professor Anson’s class is in session!

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