Arby’s Launches New Barbeque-Inspired Smoked Bourbon, and We’re Pretty Intrigued

Arby’s Launches Bourbon BBQ Sandwiches

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Arby’s motto has long been “We have the meats.” Well, guess what? Now it has a little bourbon too.

That would be the Smoked Bourbon, inspired by the fast-food chain’s Smoked Brisket and Real Country-Style Rib sandwiches. And also inspired by, of course, Americans’ attraction to bourbon.

The Smoked Bourbon is a collaborative effort between Arby’s and Brain Brew, which crafted the limited edition drink before pairing with Arby’s. The sandwich is also considered a limited edition.

“We think we’re going to create a new category. Years from now, they’re gonna say ‘that’s the Arby’s Smoked category,'” Brain Brew CEO Doug Hall told “This is going to open the door to a whole new generation of American whiskey that is just freaking amazing.”

Or something like that.

But let’s be honest, this new invention does at least seem interesting, and is undoubtedly unique in the world of fast food.

Arby’s Launches Bourbon BBQ Sandwiches

Nor is this the first time Arby’s has dabbled in the area of food named after booze. Just last year, it released Arby’s Curly and Crinkle Fry Vodka.

“After our successful vodka launch last year, we knew we wanted to release another unexpected liquor that our fans of legal drinking age can responsibly pair with our menu items,” Arby’s president Jim Taylor said in a statement. “Arby’s smoked meats are the cornerstone of our brand, so why not use our expertise to create a delicious smoked bourbon that complements the flavors and enhances the experience of enjoying our Smokehouse Sandwiches.”

As Arby’s reminded, you must be age-eligible to eat the sandwich.

“It takes hickory, mesquite, and pecan woods and 13 hours to smoke Arby’s Smokehouse Brisket,” reads. “It takes 8 hours for Arby’s Country Style Pork Rib. But it took years for that same smoke to finally get Arby’s Smoked Bourbon ready for tasting.”

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