Can you drink 3 beers faster than a friend can finish 3 shots? You can with this nifty bar trick

Want to score a free drink? Here’s another bar bet that you’re sure to win.

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Challenge a friend to finish three shots in less time than it takes you to drink three beers. The loser has to buy the next round.

There are only two rules: You get to drink one of your beers before you friend is allowed to tackle the shots, and neither of you can touch the other person’s drinks.

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Once you’ve finished your beer, turn the empty glass upside down and place it over one of your friend’s shots. Hey, that’s totally allowed — after all, it’s not like you touched one of the shots to do it! But your friend can’t touch the beer glass to get to the shot! Then, you can drink the rest of the beers at your leisure.

As usual, we recommend only making this bet with a good friend who understands your sense of humor (and is willing to pony up the money for more drinks)!

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