If you haven’t tried adding double cleansing to your skincare routine, you’re in for a real treat YouTube screenshot

Keeping your skin clear and hydrated at the same time can be a tricky game. Cleansing with soap can strip away your natural oils, which in a lot of cases might be the goal. But, you don?t want to get rid of everything. Your skin needs some oil to stay healthy and prevent wrinkles.

Enter double cleansing, the secret to balanced skin.

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The first step is an oil cleanser. Putting oil on your skin might sound like a crazy idea, but it really works. The oil cleanser attracts oil and breaks down old makeup.

When you use a soap-based cleanser in the second step, it washes away the oil cleanser along with all the bad stuff the oil collected.

Because you?re cleansing twice, each one can be mild while still getting the job done. Win-win.

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