People Are Getting Their Astrological Signs Tattooed on Their Face as Freckles

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The deepest person you know is about to get a whole lot more insufferable. The hottest new tattoo trend for people who are “spiritual but not religious” is called AstroFrecks and it involves exactly what the title says. People are getting the constellations their astrological signs are based on tattooed on their faces.

People are getting Virgo, Pisces, Cancer, etc. sprinkled across their face in permanent ink to let everyone they see know that they are in touch with the cosmos. One with the universe. A little crazy. (But maybe in a fun way, it depends on the sign.)

The Michigan based tattoo artist who dreamt up the idea, Jessica Knapik, has had a ton of customers for it so far. Her clients aren’t just getting their own signs though. Some get the signs of loved ones, both alive and deceased, in order to honor and remember them.

If we’re being honest with ourselves this sort of dumb and hilarious but it’s also a massive improvement over, say, getting the Chinese symbol for love tattooed on your lower back or arm or wherever. At least people have a connection to astrology. It’s not like they’re just randomly picking foreign symbols out of a hat until they find one that looks cool and think vaguely describes who they are or want to be as a person. And also if we as a society are cool with teardrop tattoos then there’s no reason to point and laugh at AstroFrecks for very long.

They’re also way better than ornate, outrageous neck tattoos that basically bleed up onto the face anyway. If the wing on your butterfly tattoo runs all the way to right under your earlobe then it’s a face tattoo Sherlene, and you’re not going to convince me otherwise.

This post was originally published May 16, 2019.

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