If you’ve ever wanted to cover yourself in blood, Halloween is definitely the best time to get away with doing it. For these fashion-forward makeup artists, however, simply painting their faces red wasn’t going to cut it.

The artistically inclined shared their best gory makeup looks on Twitter, and they’re wicked — in a good way.

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Artists created the illusion of blood dripping from their eyes and lined their peepers with crimson red wings. Along with purposefully pale skin, dark lips and smoky eyes, the effect is rather horrifying, and some looks are definitely more graphic than others. Can you say skills?

This user issued a challenge: “Halloween drinking game: take a shot every time someone has blood dripping from their eyes.” They might want to rethink this, however, because by the look of things, eyes dripping blood may be all we see on the 31st.

Bloody makeup is just the latest craze to take over the Halloween season, joining classics like mermaid scales, Pennywise from “It” and sugar skulls.


With the spooky holiday only a week away, you’ll have to practice steadying your hand if you want to perfect this look.

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