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If your hair rarely feels clean, even after a shampoo, it may need to be chelated.

Chelating is the process of removing damaging oils and minerals from hair. It’s a salon service, but you can also do it at home with two very basic products you probably already have in your kitchen.

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This procedure is especially good for swimmers, as it helps restore hair that’s frequently exposed to chlorine. It’s also safe for people of all ages and hair types.

You will need:

  • Dawn dish soap
  • A lemon
  • A moisturizing conditioner

Hairdresser and YouTuber Ellebangs says Dawn works better than any other dish soap, as it’s famously gentle.

Simply wet your hair, work some Dawn through it and allow it to sit for about a minute. Rinse out the soap, then repeat the process with the lemon, squeezing half its juice on your scalp and the other half on your actual hair.

This will make the hair feel like wool, according to Ellebangs. Don’t worry — that’s normal.

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Once the lemon juice is rinsed away, treat your hair with a mask or moisture-rich conditioner. Leave it in for about five minutes (or longer, if you wish), then rinse it out. You’ll be left with unbelievably soft and silky hair.

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