Nobody likes caked on foundation, especially in the summer — here’s how to avoid that extra buildup YouTube screenshot

Nobody sets out to cake on the makeup, but sometimes you just end up with a little too much in some areas.

If you can’t understand why your foundation sometimes seems to go on perfectly, but doesn’t on other days, this video may finally give you the answers.

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It seems uneven skin tone is one of the main reasons that makeup builds up in some places and not in others. Foundation clings to dry patches of skin. Be sure to exfoliate and moisturize to eliminate excess dry skin.

Application techniques can also lead to slight skin variations, believe it or not. You’ll want to avoid rubbing or brushing your skin during your routine because this can cause a little bit of skin to rub off, just enough to create an uneven texture that extra makeup loves to stick to. She recommends applying primer and foundation by bouncing a beauty blender all over your skin.

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Watch to learn all her tips for flawless foundation.

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