If you want longer eyelashes but don’t want to deal with lash glue or serums, this magical product is for you YouTube screenshot

Everyone wants longer eyelashes. If you’re looking to step up your eyelash game, there are some great products out there.

It seems like there’s a new lash serum coming out every month promising amazing growth. And then there’s always a good pair of false lashes. But if you have trouble with the idea of gluing something to your eyelid, we’ve finally found the solution for you: magnetic eyelashes.

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It sounds crazy, but once you get the hang of how they work, they really are a cool product. Each eye has two lash pieces that magnetically stick to each other, surrounding your natural lash. They stay on all day without any glue.

If you’re thinking they sound difficult to put on, you’re right. But like anything, after you practice a few times, it becomes super easy.

Watch this review by beauty vlogger Pretty Casual to see the magic in action.

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