Never get a gel manicure before asking these very important questions Inform / Teen Vogue
(Inform / Teen Vogue)

Gel manicures are popular for a reason — they last longer than traditional ones.

But are they worth the cost to both your wallet and your health?

Before you get your next gel mani, be sure to check on a few important things.

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Ensure your gel polish doesn’t contain the “toxic trio” of carcinogens — formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP (dibuytl phthalate).

Don’t keep your hand in the drying UV light for too long. Those rays have been linked to skin cancer.

And keep in mind that manicures weaken your nails, so don’t get back to back gel manis, and resist the urge to pick off the polish when it starts to chip — that could damage the layers of your nails that prevent bacteria from getting in.

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