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SMOOTH SPLIT ENDS FOR $1.50😱 😡SPLIT ENDS ARE SO ANNOYING!!! Don't cut them off if you don't have to and prolong your cut! I havent had a haircut in over 1 year.. NO not even a trim!!! This is what I do to smooth my split ends so I dont have to cut my hair as often. 🤑Go to the grocery store. Get a can of whipped cream (full fat. REAL whipped cream – if youre vegan get coconut whipped cream) for $3 – I get two uses out of one can on my hair so each use = $1.50 and DONT EAT IT (unless u want to.. then get two cans)! Apply it to your hair and face and thank me later. No, im not trolling you. No, im not batsh*t crazy… it. works. wonders. 🍩Apply the whipped cream to DRY HAIR before you shower.. DO NOT BRUSH IT THRU.. apply with ur hands and let it sit for 10 mins. Wash out Thank. Me. Later. IT IS AMAZING!!!!! 🤡Its also SO DOPE as a makeup remover and face mask!! If your skin is dull, and youre looking for dat pregnancy glow without actually being pregnant.. TRY. THIS. MASK. 🤗I rubbed my skin to show you that im not wearing makeup.. my skin felt so glowy and fresh and I let my hair AIR DRY with NO product in it to show you how smooth it looked afterwards! I tried to zoom in as close as I could so you can visually see that the split ends looked completely smooth!! WHY THIS WORKS:🍰 Whipped cream has an ingredient in it derived from seaweed! It is EXTREMELY moisturizing and helps to smooth the hair cuticle and help make your split ends smoother .. it is the BEST conditioner ever!! Cream is full of FAT and PROTEIN and is so hydrating, which again, help smooth the hair and skin and give both the love they need it also contains lactic acid which is great for gently exfoliating your skin to give you a beautiful radiant glow This isn't the healthiest to eat (of course), but it's safe to eat. If it's safe to eat, applying it topically is also safe. 👇🏽👇🏽TAG A FRIEND YOU’D LOOK LIKE MRS. DOUBTFIRE WITH and DONT FORGET TO 👍🏾👍🏾LIKE THIS VID FOR MORE TIPS LIKE THIS!! It really helps me out!!! ILYFOREVER FAM!! ❤️ Disclaimer: dont cry over split ends. And don't cut ur hair in a rage. Have a snickers. Also Disclaimer: Test patch first.

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Heal your split ends, soften your skin, and satisfy your sweet tooth all at once with this miracle all in one: whipped cream.

That’s right — we knew we liked this stuff based on taste alone, but knowing it can help our hair and skin takes the obsession to the next level.

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Watch as beauty blogger Farah Dhukai sprays it straight from the can onto her face and hair. Looks a little out of the ordinary, but tastes great and will leave your hair and skin shinier and moisturized.

Cream is full of fat, which is great for moisturizing skin.

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