While Paris might love to say it’s on the cutting edge of fashion, the most interesting new trend is coming right out of the United States and it’s not exactly haute couture. The new collaboration from Taco Bell and Forever 21 will have you craving a Crunchwrap Supreme while you’re looking fabulous.

Taco Bell has been teasing the line on Twitter for a couple days — and if you don’t follow Taco Bell on Twitter, you totally should (they’re hilarious).

The wide array of items that features everything for skin-tight leotards to cell phone covers became available on Wednesday.

And don’t worry guys, it’s not all lady’s gear; they’ve got some great threads that would make any gentlemen the star of the fast food joint, club or classroom.

The styles definitely have a ’90s feel to them, but retro (like tacos) never goes out of style. Just be sure not to spill your spicy sauce on your sick new outfit!

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Taco Bell and Forever 21 have teamed up for an unexpected fashion line Twitter/Ameena Rasheed
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